SMUDGE SKITTLE : a little inventory of resources entangling creative practice research and writing

In creativity research, the value of intuitive, playful and unpredictable studio methods is well accepted. There are times when conventional approaches to writing and the values of proof, explanation, predictability, analysis and linear argument may constrain, rather than enable, creative research. Each SMUDGE SKITTLE card provides a short task that tangles artistic thinking with written reflection. These cards frame writing and knowing as playful, open-ended, idiosyncratic and relational.

CREATED BY: Alys Longley

DESIGN: Alys Longley and Jeffrey Holdaway

PHOTOGRAPHY: From Mistranslation Laboratory by Alys Longley and the Eleventeen Collective. Photos: Jeffrey Holdaway, Alys Longley, val smith

The SMUDGE SKITTLE resource was developed with support from the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education (CLeaR), University of Auckland; the CLeaR Fellowship Writing Writing Everywhere Programme and the Schuler Educational Enhancement and Development Fund, under CLeaR’s 2017 theme “Writing, Writing Everywhere.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Longley, A. (2018). Smudge Skittle; A little inventory of resources entangling creative practice research and writing. Auckland. University of Auckland.

THANKYOU: Helen Sword, val smith, Esther Fitzpatrick, Caroline Yoon, Jeffrey Holdaway, Elena Holdaway, Rosalind Holdaway, Lyn Collie, The Dance Studies Programme, University of Auckland.


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